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Photograph by Alisha Dar

What was the vision for the band when you came together? 

Nick and Ruby: We came together through mutual musical interests with no plans or vision. Everything is organic without any foresight besides playing punk. 

You're bringing some punk elements back that have been quiet for a while in the U.K. scene - namely the 80's peace punk / metal influenced sound and I believe a spoken word poem for the new 7". The imagery has dead doves, leather and gothic elements. Is punk dead? What are your thoughts on the current scene?

All those things are a reflection of what members of the band actually live in their day to day lives. People nowadays tend to start bands trying to sound like "this" or "that", and end up lacking of identity. We just try to play hardcore punk the way we are and the way we can.

We are no one to say if punk is dead or not but we surely don't relate to whatever there's out there in the U.K. at the moment. That's not to say there aren't some good bands (Permission, Berserk, bring back FARCE, Rat Cage, The mighty Flex, Big Cheese…). But too many shit photographers, not enough rockers. Especially in London. 

You have 3 artists in the band - how important is the visual element to the band as an accompaniment to the music? 

Big word. We think the visual element is important for any band. People will see your cover or even pictures of you on the fucking Internet before hearing your music. That said, we do spend a lot of time working together on flyers, t-shirts, record sleeves, making stuff,… and we enjoy that.

What is happening with the band soon? Where can people see you live and what's next for recorded material?

We have a 7" coming out on La Vida at the end of this month. We also recorded a track for an international punk tape compilation put together by Exotica. We started to write for an LP, and we should be touring the North East of America around some fest in Toronto. 

Check out their Bandcamp HERE


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