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New Band on the Block: Mere Mortal

What was the vision for the band when you started writing tunes and then came together as a band?

Tom: I had a load of thrashy stuff in the riff archive from messing around with my guitar in my room, so I went to the practice room to try and forge the riffs into songs. I locked myself in for 8 hours and threw down some drums, bass and guitars just so I could try and recruit a full band. I showed Foxy (Liam) and asked him to sing, he was up for it straight away. I had to get Meg & Joe on guitars because they’re total rippers. I almost played drums in the real band but we snagged Adam instead cause he’s sick and I took the bass slot. We ended up using my recordings for our first record and just added vox & solos over the top, bosh.

Crossover metal influenced hardcore is having a bit of a resurgance at the moment, with bands revisiting the style and doing new and interesting things with it. What are some of your fave influences and also current bands?

Tom: Whiplash, Death Angel and early Sepultura were the main metal influences for our first batch of tunes. I wouldn’t say any particular hardcore bands have influenced our sound, it’s more in the delivery and structure etc. My favourite current crossover bands are definitely Foreseen, Red Death, Power Trip, Game and Lifeless Dark. True rockers all.

The lyrics use imagery from a variety of sources, from Ancient Greek civilisation to the Miocene epoch, showcasing a well read lyricist in the band. What motivated you to use these themes?

Liam: When I was writing the lyrics I wanted this shit to sound scary, and the general lyrical reoccurring theme was fear, whether to bring it, to take it or to be consumed by it. I think many people are scared of death, running out of their precious time, external forces and presences, what actually happens after death or even fear itself. I’m definitely no scholar on any of the matters but probably scared the shit outta a few people in my time.

What is happening with the band soon?

Tom: Our debut record is coming out in 12” format on the almighty Quality Control HQ, and it’s called TARTARUS. Five songs, hard, fast, raging! Expect a gig or two for the release, and after that, the world.

Check out 'Tartarus' on Bandcamp HERE


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