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Jonah Falco (Fucked Up/Career Suicide/Game) and Maxime Smadja (Rixe/Condor) came together and made a raging single this year. Jonah answered some questions for us.

What was the vision for the band when you started writing tunes and came together for the recording? Max and I were chatting at a gig in London and he mentioned he was working on something along the lines of mid to late 70s rock and roll that overlaps with punk, stylistically. He was wondering if I knew anyone who was capable of singing in such a style, for which I immediately suggested myself. He had tunes written and recorded as demos that he passed along and I tracked rough versions of here in London. I think the vision is back room of a pub, loud amps and an enraptured, raucous, audience.

As you are in the realm of punk, associated as you are with your other bands, it's really cool to see you bringing in 70s glam rock influences as well as a slide guitar, with this band, to the punk scene. But also, because of that, really comfortable in keeping it punk. I definitely hear a bit of a The Dogs here and there for example. What are some of your fave influences, and also current bands that you would want to play with We are looking at things that are really aggressive but still hanging on to the excess of 70s rock and roll while trying to push away from the bits of it of that which can be a drag. Trying to walk along that turning point. We are in to Ivy Green, Slaughter and the Dogs, Big in Japan, and whatever normal stuff you hear in there. I have no idea who to play with. Maybe no one or some crap bar band in South Bermondsey or Greenwich.

Meanwhile the artwork is totally glam. How did you make it/come up with the design? The band is referencing mid 70s glam and proto punk a lot, so the artwork goes in line with that. Chirpy, brassy, and big. It was done by Charlotte and Maxime and Tin Tin.

The lyrics cover some interesting topics based on your daily live using some creative imagery. Tell us a bit about that. Really, they are both love songs, love letters to something. One is a relegation of life to loving something, and the other is about desire...and turning into a dog to avoid life’s worries, but then turning into a ball and having your ass handed to you by a dog.

What is happening with the band soon? Where can people see you live and what's next? More music and a gig coming soon.

Check out their Bandcamp HERE


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