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Taketo: "Ace, Guitarist from Red Death asked me to draw new album's work. He gave me Misfits's 2nd album Pic and Bosch's artworks...And he gave me his rough sketch too.  So I try to draw whilst referring to these pics.  In addition to these, I often refer to Northern Renaissance's artists like Albrecht Altdorfer, Dürer and more because their works are so detailed. 

My style is stippling, I love to draw finely so much! I love many artists! My most favorite contemporary artists are Tom Sachs, Mike Kelley, Michell Majerus, Paul Mccarthy, Jake and Dinos, Jason Rhodes etc.  But My drawing style is inspired by Pushead, Mike Sutfin, James Jean, Shigeru Mizuki, Junji Ito, Suehiro Maruo, and Shintaro Kago!

I really inspired by Hardcore Punk's artists too! Matthew Adis, Matthew Bellosi, Keegan Dakker, Nicky Rat, Mobshity, Spiderxdeath, Eugene Terry, Sam Ryser, Somer etc. So many printed photo and photo montage always give me inspiration. John hartfield is best!

Chad from Red Death: “Our guitarist Ace actually found Taketo and recommended him to us. I’m not sure how he found him but I’m glad he did. I assume it was through Taketo’s Instagram but I could be wrong. The vision for the artwork was both a reflection of life and inspired by a Hieronymous Bosch painting called Ascent Of The Blessed. It’s one of my favorite art pieces ever and it depicts multiple demonic angels at war with each other. Above the chaos lies a opening in the dark which gives way to light. I really liked that and have felt relation to such throughout my life. So the art idea stems from that but with demons and one central human instead. Everyone’s out to get you and you’re just trying to climb out and avoid the insanity. Though it always tends to grab ahold and drag you down. Songs we have such as Vagabond and Archangel Void touch upon this very thing so I figured the art should as well.”

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