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RECORD COLLECTOR CORNER: Emelie Norenheim, Stockholm

Bassist of Screw and writer of the sickest: Up Against the Wall Fanzine

Top records of 2018 so far: From a collecting point of view I really like the Line of Sight compilation 12” released on Refuse Records. A very clean and neat collecting piece.  I really dig the Teeny Tiny Records compilation FRESH! Vol. 1 tape. I think it’s such a cool initiative to bring attention to bands with non-males and POC. Def check that out!! Also for pure satisfaction the new Enemies 7” and The Brass - Our Own Path is my go-to records from 2018.

Fave records that you own and why: West Side Boys - Au Fils Du Temps 12” on original press is one if my favorites. Nothing special in terms of inlay or design, but it’s my favorite oi-record and was given to me by a dear friend of mine that really helped me get into OI! NY Wolfpack 12” and Attak - Today’s Generation 7” are my favorite records in terms of surprise finds at a local record store.  I found both very randomly and unexpectedly. In terms of looks and rarity I’m pretty happy with owning Shrapnel - Frenzied State 7” with the blue, hand-drawn record release cover.

Your top want ever: The Abused 7” would probably be a dream come true to own. Favorite band ever. Also first press of Camera Silens - Realité 12” would be sick to have and is probably the first record I will spend big money on in the future. I’ve come across is once in Sweden for a decent price, and in near mint condition as well, but bills gotta be paid haha.

What's the best thing about vinyl? Physical vinyl, to me, is a big part if getting to know the band and the music. With inlays, pictures, lyrics and notes create their own documentation and for me as a collector it’s sick go be able to have that in my possession.  I also think physical records, like any collecting item, carries stories with them and connects people. I could probably connect every record that I own to a specific moment like where I found it or got it from, a good gig, a trip, a spontaneous record store visit, or straight up nerding info about pressings. These things usually leads to fun and interesting convos about music and friendships! Straight up buying records rocks.

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