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MAKING SH*T HAPPEN: Chris Minicucci @ Radio Raheem Records

Chris and Rich @Radio Raheem Records in their natural habitat

What's the idea behind the label? When did you start and why? We started the label in 2012. Rich and I had been kicking around the idea of a reissue label for a while, and we wanted to do something that really stood out in the glut of poorly done reissues and bootlegs that were (and still are) being released.

What's been your favourite release so far and why? I don't have a single favorite release, but I definitely think the Abused "Loud and Clear" LP set the tone for all of our future releases. It was really cool getting to see all of Kevin Crowley's original drawings and sketches; and hearing the 7" tracks straight from the master tape for the first time was a real treat. (Apologies for the oversize LP jacket, that wasn't our fault).

What is the most fun, and also the hardest part, about running a record label in 2018? The fun part for us is getting to unearth all of this material that might otherwise end up lost or forgotten if we hadn't gotten our hands on it. It's really cool putting out a record like the Hellbent or Sacrilege LPs that pretty much no one has heard before, and seeing people respond positively to them. The hard part is actually getting people to buy the records once they're out.

What's the coolest thing about vinyl - why should people still care? For us, vinyl is great because we can do all this really cool packaging that you can't really do with something like a CD. 


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